Mental and Physical Malleability (Learning Project Update #5)

Hello everyone!!! Thank you once again for back to visit my EDTC300 Learning Project blog 🙂 . As I always do, I will use this post to give you a quick update on my progress with learning to practice yoga, go over what I have been doing for the past week, and lay out aContinue reading “Mental and Physical Malleability (Learning Project Update #5)”

Podcast Beginner: Trying out Zencastr and Anchor

Hello again friends! This will just be a short entry, one in which I discuss my recent experience with creating and uploading an audio podcast to the internet for all to hear. It was a bit touch and go at times, but I stuck with it and managed to create something I am happy withContinue reading “Podcast Beginner: Trying out Zencastr and Anchor”

Experiencing the ‘Self’: Yoga Nidra

(Learning Project Post #4) Hey everybody! Welcome back to my blog about learning yoga 🙂 . I have learned a lot so far and feel like I am only scratching the surface of what there is to know, so I am excited about what is yet to come! For those who have been following alongContinue reading “Experiencing the ‘Self’: Yoga Nidra”

Learning Yoga Update #3: Practicing Vinyasa Flow

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my Learning Project blog, where I will once again update you on my progress towards learning how to practice yoga. At this point I have become much more comfortable with practicing yoga and decided to push myself by stepping up the difficulty level a bit! Moving on from simply holdingContinue reading “Learning Yoga Update #3: Practicing Vinyasa Flow”

Yoga Learning Project Update #2: Achieving Balance

Hi everybody! Welcome back to my blog, where I will continue to update you all on my progress towards learning how to practice yoga. If you remember from my earlier posts, gaining better control of my balance (especially on my right side) is one of my major goals for this project. I am now mostContinue reading “Yoga Learning Project Update #2: Achieving Balance”

Focusing on Feedly (EDTC 300 Weekly Post #2)

Hello everybody! Thank you for returning to my blog, where I will be continually updating you the reader on my progression through my ‘EDTC 300 : Intro to Edtech and Media’ course at the University of Regina. This week I focused on becoming better acquainted with using a number of apps and programs, including WordPressContinue reading “Focusing on Feedly (EDTC 300 Weekly Post #2)”

Getting Started with Yoga: Progress Update #1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first of many posts detailing my progress towards learning the practice of yoga! If you have had an opportunity to read my first post outlining the plan for my EDTC 300 Learning Project, you already know that I am starting this project with zero prior knowledge on how to practiceContinue reading “Getting Started with Yoga: Progress Update #1”

Yoga – A New Beginning During the Pandemic

For my EDTC300 Learning Project, I chose to learn how to practice yoga. Though yoga is something I have been interested in for a very long time, I have found the idea of joining a guided class to be quite intimidating for a variety of reasons. I am quite tall (6’8″), I am prone toContinue reading “Yoga – A New Beginning During the Pandemic”

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